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As the race to 5G implementation is heating up, millimetre wave (mmWave) wireless frequencies have been receiving a lot of attention in the news. Plenty of US mobile network operators say they are using or considering it to deploy 5G. Achieving consistently strong mmWave connectivity is no easy technical feat, however. As Forbes journalist Patrick […]

As mobile operators are beginning their roll-outs of 5G technology, a Gartner survey reveals that two thirds of organisations worldwide see enough benefit to their businesses that they would consider deploying their own networks. The rest of us are keen to understand more about the technology, what it means for our smartphone and device connectivity […]

Nadine Jenkins is a key member of the Blu Wireless team. With 18 years’ experience in the wireless industry across integration and test, software development and hardware/software support, including positions at picoChip and BlackBerry. Nadine’s role as Technical Marketing Manager is vital to the everyday operations of the business. Describe a typical day in your […]

By Simon Holmes, Head of Digital Communications at First Group and Mark Barrett, CMO at Blu Wireless Published in Railway Strategies, Issue 155. Reliable and uninterrupted connectivity is essential to people’s personal and professional lives. However, delivering a cost-effective solution to this demand has been hugely challenging in the rail industry. This has left passengers unsatisfied […]

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